Tuesday, April 21, 2009


woohooo... so many events right now... went to watch a piano duet yesterday night which is 20th april night.. is a comedy.. the piano was really AWESOME!! i really had quite a few months never play piano d... hand also stift d.. haha.. how i wish i could play HALF as good as them.. =p haha... aiyo... but i lazy to practise la.. is all my prob.. =p how they both can play immediately on the stage.. that is so amazing.. u need the chemistry and long practises.. and all the songs are request by audience.. so means they know songs from all around the world i guess... WOW!!!

woo.. i really miss piano, dancing and singing the most la.. hmm.. now i post a few videos for all of u... :) but my camera battery die off at the end.. so behind got a few cool songs never record.. sorry some videos i took in the middle.. cause i keep off and on to safe my battery.. =p haha...

CARTOON songs..

look at the AWESOME DUET start from 43rd seconds...

This is a video to see women are smarter all men are smarter.. =p whenever he sings a word start with "b" they must switch... just have a look.. :)

this was AWESOME!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


wow!! Drake 100 relay.. this week will have lots of events coming!! WUHOO!!! 1st of all street painting suppos to be on april 18 but they shift to 17 because due to the weather report it will rain on april 18.. instead of street painting it became face painting.. =p haha.. everyone was playing around with the paint... =p i never go because after street painting is ISA formal night.. as everyone know i bath quite long and i don wan paint kena my hair.. =p a bit waisted... must go next year d... but however i did went out and "LOOK" and once i went out, thanks to fred he painted my leg... ish.. ok let me show u some pic..

it's just outside my dorm..

look at the crowd!!

this is ashwin and blue man FRED

everyone was ligning up to WASH =p

FRED's "art"

the street after painting

THESE are a few i think it was really nice!!

this is from kappa alpha sigma?? haha.. i dunno la.. =p

this is from Malaysian student!!

this is from CHEERLEADING!!!

this is drake actuarial science society


on april 19.. is drake 100th relay parade... i recorded down the parade.. :) but my camera skill not that good.. hope everyone don blame... throwing candy here and there.. show all of u how much candy me, heng li, amy, fred and dhaya got... hehehe...

i guess is everyone's dream car... sooo many behind the parade!!! wuhoo..

these are the candies we got!!!

International Formal Night

on the 17th of april night.. there is a formal night for students in drake all around the world.. =p international formal.. hmm... actually nothing much to write.. just went there with limo.. =p haha... but than i sat the not so nice wan... :S inside not bad la... but than nothing much.. just anounce the comittee for the new ISA... :) here are some photo...
din really took much photo.. same thing... lazy to taip la.. haha.. =p go facebook see la =p

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i guess.. i never post my uni prog for everyone to see right.. =p hahaha... ok here is a big event in my uni for MALAYSIAN... MASA NIGHT means... Malaysian Association... (something something..) =p paiseh... haha.. so is our night.. means we as malaysian going to bring our culture to the americans.. :) i hope everyone enjoyed that night.. is called ROJAK night... hehe.. as u all know malaysia are ROJAK... speak ROJAK.. eat ROJAK.. mixing here and there.. wahaha... ok.. i lazy to post all the pic.. because it takes me time to rearrange everything.. so i am going to post some MAJOR things only.. hehehe...

me and gary singing on the stage.. :) ian playing for us..

both singer of the night.. =p

hannah.. the main actress for masa night.. :) a nice and gorgeous girl i know in DRAKE.. :)

jeremy... my host family kids... called him the "sword man" =p.. performing the wushu.. sword..

me and the malay dancers.. :)

the malay dance.. i don have the guys part.. sorry..

ruey from EMO gang.. came and perform LION DANCE!!!

andrew.. met in chicago.. :) the president for ISU lion dance

i cant find any lion dance pic on stage sorry.. they are practising

amy.. my future room mate.. :) the MC of the night..

siva.. another MC..

the indian dancers..

the girls on stage..

my host family..

becky... the president of the event..

the "sexy" IBAN ppl.. =p

Des Moines Historical Museum

hmm.. is been like half a month late.. =p hahaha... ok.. now i will post something online... march 28th i went to historical building in des moines... i just finish lots of mid term and presentation... sorry for my blog readers who always read my blog.. now i will post some of the pic on that day... :) oh yea.. btw.. i went with my host family... :) with other family too.. :) i lazy to type la.. i will just post.. :) oh yea.. after that we went to the noodle zoo to eat.. is not zoo la.. =p but i ordered a fruit salad.. taste great!!! :)

these are some pic i took.. i am lazy to post everything here.. so go facebook see ok.. =p