Tuesday, February 16, 2010


well.. work as a student caller for 2 days already.. and my first day.. really sucks.. i am so nervous... until i wanna run away from it.. is like.. whenever someone pick up the call.. my heart bit super fast.. i really don't know y am i nervous.. no1 will know me.. they just hear my voice.. ish.. i almost fainted... i dunno y.. seriously..

i talked to jason and crystal about it because they worked as a student caller in the past.. well.. they told me is normal.. because they were nervous on their first day too.. hey.. think about it.. there is a girl who is a first time caller.. she made a 825 dollars... and she manage to talk to them.. and my first call.. someone sounds fierce and starts to yell at me.. i am so sorry and i am a little silly.. i don't know what to say and just called my supervisor.. sorry.. ish.. don mention about it..

the 2nd day was ok.. 3 hours sitting down and calling ppl is not fun at all.. :P but i do admit i learned a lot.. i really need to improve my english.. damn it.. well.. i hope that i can improve and become better and better... wish me luck..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


i have not been updating my blog.. yes i know.. :P many things change and is really happening in my life.. i had lots of stuff and exciting stuff which i have not post her.. will post it when i am free.. :)

study for p right now which is in april.. i don wanna fail it.. >.< hmmm.. recently, i was planning and was thinking very hard.. what is my goal in my life.. :P i am not gonna post it here... haha.. i really wanna thank my parents giving me the opportunity to study overseas and i learned a lot.. i have to say that i am more independent than before.. still as "kia su" as before.. i really love both of my housemates Amy Soon and Crystal Wang.. I improved my English a little from them.. :P well.. i still can't really speak well compare to Americans.. :P haha.. (well obviously because i did not grow up in a "english" family)..

currently working in a coffee shop... making coffee and smoothies.. :P (hey ppl.. i can cook now ok..) although not as good but at least i can survive!!! hahahaha.... I work at the phonathon too.. :) calling the alumni.. build up networking.. is a challenge to me because i have to speak well.. I am glad that i got chosen.. :) is an experience to me because i really wanna improve my communication skills.. :)

hmm... will be volunteering for a modeling show.. :D with my housemate Amy Soon.. :) 1st time modeling.. (i hope i don't walk like a horse)... aha... talking about modeling... Both of us drive to the shop to try our outfit.. when we type the address on google map.. it only shows west des moines... so we drive to west des moines... but is actually at DES MOINES!!! (in US if there is WEST and without WEST is totally diff).. ish.. ish... and on the way to the shop.. since is winter now.. the road is very icy.. and both of us have no experience in driving in winter... (obviously Amy has to drive because I have not drive on the left side before!!!).. ok.. here comes the exciting part... we were looking on the gps.. and did not pay attention to the traffic light... and than when it turned yellow... Amy break... (during winter.. u can't break right away on the icy road because ur car will "spin").. so.. the car just turn to the left right away.. and i was like OH NO OH NO!!! WA!!! EH!!! YEEE!!! (i don't even remember what i said.. :P) and thank God there is no car driving straight away.. and there is no car behind us is driving fast... and no car coming.. if not something might had happen... phew!!! but i don't know y both of us are still laughing... :P well.. it was a dangerous experience...

i guess i have to stop here.. head back to studies.. :)