Friday, December 28, 2007

back from europe!!! ^^



long time din write my blog d.. haha... europe internet connection kinda slow.. so cant really online and post pic... =p

well.. i cant write everything out... 2 weeks trip... 12 hours flight... >.<>
bought a lv bag.. ^^ heehee.. =p well the things there are expensive... so din really buy soveniour.. sorry ar... hehe... i found that my drinking skill also not bad wan... hahaa... =p cant say y... =p stop here... time for pic... =p
disney land hotel... ^^ the view so nice

disney land... ^^

left: my brothers; right: inside pirates of carabin

alice in the wonderland.. "maze"

alice in the wonderland... in the maze

right: sun rise


nite street

left: in a church; right: some door.. =p

left: world largest lv; right: shopping mall


right: the world longest chair

a nice church

left: a garden; right: white village


left: some palace; right: view from top

real gold

right: see the arrow?? i have to climb up there... >.<
flamanco dance

left: great singer; right: all of the dancer

left: football (world cup) right: castle

left: pig.. =p