Saturday, August 28, 2010


Just start twittering!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


A brand new semester!! A New Start, to be honest, I am a little lazy to update most of my stuff... my blog has been left out for quite some time.. I will update more often.. :)

After a year staying with Amy Soon and Crystal Wang, I really think that i had learned a lot from both of them.. :) how to be more independent, successful... feel so sad both of them will be graduating this semester... :( NOOoooooooooooo.. :P

MLC is COMING in 2 months time!!! Can u imagine that I haven't been studying!!!! NOooooo..

lets talk about summer.. summer i went back to malaysia for an internship and i am really glad that i got a wonderful working experience.. :) I got different opportunities.. :) & met many friends from the company.. I felt more confident than before.. I am still fighting towards what i want.. :)

This year's summer was different than before.. most of my friends were not back in malaysia.. :( I met with my ji mui Yuen Wah.. :) (really miss her) and also my performance friends from Halo Forest & Mainstream.. I am so glad that some of my friends are preparing for their album!! :) (FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!) and 2 of my friends who i used to perform with them "Thomas Jack" are really successful now.. They are filming different kind of shows in Taiwan.. wish them all the best..

I really miss my family.. (although not so much of homesick).. but is the best to stay at home where you belongs to.. I love my family a lot.. (I cried sometimes in my room :P) but anyway.. my parents & 2 lovely brothers always support me.. I always felt secure or whatever i should say... to have such a great family.. ;)

I am kinda lazy to type.. my first class will be starting in an hour & half.. :P so i guess i should prepare a bit?? :P I will try to update more often.. but i am a little lazy to post pictures.. :P so i will upload more on facebook.. :) oh ya.. below is the video that I Milk the Cow at the state fair.. :D

Have a great semester!!! :)