Sunday, November 30, 2008

my blog is "alive" again!!!

2 weeks not writing my blog.. =p just because... is a little busy than before... phew... semester is over... is time for finals... =p lazy to study.. so is time for me to write my blog... hehe... ok.. i will start day by day... lets see...

stop my post on november 16... hmm... so will start.. let me think..

november 18
today is my JI MUI YUEN WAH's birthday... she is my JI MUI since form 1 till now... really appreciate her as my best best best friend... both of us have really diff character.. =p diff background mostly diff... but we can really chat on the phone non stop.. hehe... so went pyramid with her... and chat.. cause long time din see her d... hmm... than my dear came belanja her makan fish market.. =p but i was dam full la... =p haha... took many sticker photo with her... don have scanner so cant post.. =p

this pic i took with her in kar leong's farewell... 3 months ago... =p

november 20
my socio quiz 4... aiyo... wanna pengsan d... need to study 6 CHAPTERS!!! SO DAM LONG!! than need to practise for my teacher performance piano exam on 21... wuu...

so november 21
early in the morning have to go to yamaha for exam... haha... finally is over... still ok with it... hope can pass... i can only say something wrong with the exam... =.= but than don wanna write here la... not good.. =p as long as i learn something new and i had try my very best... ^^

november 22
i) went to halo forest... for practise... cause 2nd exam is just one week... and WHAT!!!??? i haven prepare anything... got one solo performance and 2 groups... alamak... sei for... singing with yi xuan... and one more group y3.. haha.. which is yean, me(yiing), charming(shu Yi)... haha... so Y3!!! =p i choose to sing jolin 日不落 and landy 热浪and also 刘力杨《我就是这样》... but only 刘力杨《我就是这样》approve by them... so dunno what dancing song to choose.. so i choose to sing by2 ... and y3 group 爱的主打歌 and SHE "super model" also not approve... ish... only 特务J... so we decided to sing SHE 《宇宙小姐》... aikz... lucky me and yi xuan 草戒指 and 为你而活 got approved... so is time to practise...

ii) hehe.. went out with dear.. he gave me something special.. everything make by him... =p really cant imagine that... cause me myself as a girl cant make it... haha... post it here la.. =p

Glitter Photos
the whole thing made by him.. ^^ don think i can sew any small thing by myself.. =p

november 23
i) although is a sunday... went breakfast with family.. but came back very fast cause need to study and prepare speech for public speaking... ish ish ish...
ii) at night went to ss2 wong kok yam cha with chester, mun and dear... and after that to DAVIS with EMO gang.. haha.. GENG..

november 24
today went to college for public speaking class.. wander today will be my turn of giving speech a not.. lucky not my turn.. cause i am not really prepared... and study calculus because got quiz on the next day.. wuu.. and the assignment due date also.. walao...

november 25
calculus quiz.. and assignment due date... SHIT!! din do really well for my quiz... shit shit shit... aikz... and assignment i copy only.. =p haha... after class prepare speech cause next day will be my presentation... wa... at night i practise my singing and dancing for halo forest exam... TIRED~~~

november 26
presentation time... presented on DARK CHOCOLATES!!! hehe... quite happy with my speech... :) hope next time go US can really speak in public... and than after class i went to halo forest to practise my exam song and dance on november 29... finally gao dim 90% of the dance d... YES!!! at night came back and prepare slides for sociology presentation.. dam TIRED~~ cannot really open my eyes... roxy is sick.. so i help her to do some slides... dana throat pain cant present.. so i took mostly all the part.. is ok la.. i read only.. =p

november 27
today is my last class in college... and than FINALS!!! shoud say "bye HELP".. haha... so socio presentation din do really well cause read only.. =p nvm la.. haha... than calculus don really had class.. just discuss some question and get back the quiz marks... after class go back home and than go straight to halo.. practise with yean and charmine... 1st time practise!! OH SHIT!!! need to learn the dance... aikz... also almost gao dim le... haha... 90% also...

november 28
need to go back to college... cause need to find miss naini to inform her that i am going to DRAKE... silly la.. other uni no reply.. so i have no choice la... arh... and than idiot help email never send my exam docket.. and silly registry lady ask me withdrawel and now I DON HAVE STUDENT CARD AND EXAM DOCKET!!! HOW TO SIT FOR FINALS!!!???? arh.... don care 1st la.. there will be a way... =p after college go find dear and than terus go halo.. till late at night to practise... solo thing and with y3... not really prepared but nvm la.. no choice d...

november 29
i) HALO 2nd EXAM!!! i am the 4th to go in for my solo exam... so my comment was... "nice planning for performance... really put my heart to plan the whole thing... but i wanna show too many things till everything not full out... and i never concentrate on the performance where i can easily attract by small little things.. like when the judge is talking i will look at them... they say as an artist i can't do that.. don really have eye contact with judge... and i sang a rock song, sing and dance plus another dance... this time really i plan everything myself wei... quite happy with myself actually.. haha... david lao shi say got chance ask me to learn more from ICECREAM teacher... cause he say somehow he saw my dance... my hand is faster than my leg... =p (got such things??) maybe i seldom perform solo dance ba... haha.. so in conclusion is... everything have to update myself more.. even in dancing or any performance... need to give full out!!!"...
after solo exam.. i waited for 5 hours!!! than only group.. luckily group no need to give comment... quite happy with my group performance with y3 and also with yi xuan... very happy to group with u all.. ^^

just took some pic with few ppl...

xiao xiao li


my dai lou kk.. long time never take pic with him d... (we both thin d.. =p) haha..

leng lui charmine

funny jason

cute shiki

zhong jie

y3 + thomas and kk


yi xuan

(due to some reasons.. my memory card a bit cacat so some of the pic had been deleted.. :( lucky some pic can "save") haha.. thanks to some1 lo.. =p

ii) after my exam... went out with dear to a restaurant... ^^ for candle light dinner.. =p haha... nice place... same hotel with luna bar.. =p can so call celebrate one month la.. =p haha... thanks for the gift.. ^^ and everything... and he very action lo.. =p we went up to luna bar.. just to walk... CAN U IMAGINE WENT TO AN EXPENSIVE PLACE JUST TO WALK!!!?? =p like rich ppl.. haha.. because he got a card can go in for free... =p (look like VIP) haha... =p

november 30
which is today... =p morning went out with family... is time to prepare for finals.. =p calculus 3 and sociology.. lazy to study now.. =p so post this blog... haha... need to book my time to do my visa.. and also book my flight to US.. if not no need to study d.. =p haha...




Sunday, November 16, 2008


ok... now is 2.30am... and i really don feel like sleeping.. still online.. chatting and posting.. cant sleep... many things in my head... today went to summit to watch mainstream miny concert and went to the gardens watch movie.. than meet my mainstream darlings... haha...

read keong's blog.... aiyo... keong... y everytime u write also dam touching wan.. u wan make me cry gao gao only u happy meh.. haha.. =p i am happy now.. cause of many things le... hehe.... i suddenly feel very emo.. and cry easily.. cause i am really leaving soon... to US... for my studies... i really will miss many ppl... many many ppl.... :(

don talk bout sad things... i wanna write something stupid.. really stupid.. and i dam gao paiseh.. ok ppl.. u imagine la.. u go dating suddenly u cannot walk because ur shoes spoilt... dam swt right... #$($#@#*^@* walk walk half way suddenly shoes came off... walaoye... i wan kill myself lo.. i suddenly feel that walk 10 meter is dam far lo.. i feel like asking ppl to KILL me.. haha... but thanks to my dear la... he go help me go find shoes.. and he dam YIM JIM wan lo.. haha.. ask him simply buy he go choose so long.. i stand there.. IMAGINE la.. I CANNOT MOVE AR... or u can say I DON DARE TO MOVE... =.= the feeling dam stupid right... standing there.. i called my ji mui.. see mun.. laugh like mad... roxy.. also laugh like mad... yuen wah... laugh like mad also.. walaoye.... but the shoes... really nice la.. =p i tell see mun what ever ah po shoes i also wear la... cause I CANT CHOOSE... heehee.. but the wedges he choose for me dam nice la.. haha.. =p

Glitter Photos

not bad huh??? haha.. =p


and oh ya.. yesterday kiyoshi teach us SEXY DANCE!!! wahaha... is SWEET JAZZ?? i dunno what is it call d.. =p wahaha.. i feel myself very funny.. =p yesterday is yew ming's birthday.. after my halo practise we went to his house for birhtday party... sing again... haha... will post the pic... (from the pic.. the boy holding flower is yew ming and the girl is his gf...)

xiao mei

what are we posting.. eh dear y u sit till so nice.. =p

my dear samuel..

they like to bully me... =p

i holding the singing paper.. the lyrics

william and sean singing


xiao mei again

my mainstream family...

playing limbo rock

my prince keong not bad ar.. =p


fei fei... ^^ so long never see her... miss her and her voice =p

william and emily prac song for performance (next day) =p

what a nice post before leaving =p

group shot before leaving

leo jump up to my dear samuel's car... =p alicia look like ghost in this pic.. and the hand on top of me is xiao mei's hand.. haha... =p

oh my god.. leo wanna drive the car... but he cant drive cause manual.. =p and look at me.. =p


today mainstream concert.. me and mun did something funny...we hands up to answer question.. than mun yee is the host.. go and ask see mun "whats ur name.." (to act like dunno each other... host ma.. =p ) than mun go and say "my name is JOEY".. wahaha... than lucky draw pulak write her original name.. than they call "CHAN SEE MUN".. wahaha.. than my turn... i went up to sing quincy song... than she asked me.. "whats ur name..." i go and say "EMILY".. wahaha.. i dunno y i wanna say emily... but i just wanna play emily who is behind the stage.. wahaha... i really feel like laughing wei... haha... wahahahahahaha... =p


my dear and emily

khai mei

ji mui ah mun




xiao mei

haha.. me as "emily".. singing on the stage... =p look at mei.. =p

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

feelings for the week..

hmm... long time never post d... so today this is my 3rd post... this few week so forgetfull... 1st.. i forgot that got dancing replacement class... 2nd.. appoinment alot also don remember... and rushing for the silly socio assignment last min... and many things to emo!!! argh... gek sei ngo...

drake accepted me... ^^ hehe... i hope to get reply soon from other uni... and oh yea.. i am addicted to go to the pub.. =p my college friends THE GANG OF EMO also cannot stand me... =p haha.. cause i ask them to go pub... haha... =p

i miss my black hair... haha... cause i highlighted my hair.. and erm... got ppl say i look like "ah lian"... oh shit!!! =p haha... i post some pic...

i think the colour somehow.. got diff...

and.. erm.. i am kinda happy la... recieve something from some1... haha... love it a lot... ^^ erm.. if u all wanna know who ask me personal.. =p mainstream friends don ask.. haha... =p cause u all know d... =p

feel so relax after handing up the assignment... still got one more speech... 2 more quiz.. and one more assignment.. and my teacher piano performance exam coming!!! shit!!!

later go out chill with emo gang.. =p

puay chai performance - my brother

obviously not i perform.. went back to my primary school.. to watch my brother performance.. wa.. my brother can dance wo.. haha.. i also shock... =p

see their performance... reminds me of my primary school time where i join singing and dancing.. haha... but now their performance better than our previous...

kids nowadays like getting smarter wo... the performance all so creative hehe... later if can i post my brother video up here.. =p now post some pic...

wa... nowadays primary also got drum society d.. i mean chinese drum

violin player... dam geng!!

the dance club... the reprisent of the school... used to be last time.. haha..

wa... now also got chinese ochestra d ar??? gu zheng solo

the chinese ochestra

drum player

another dance from the dancing society... this costume.. =p i think i wear before last time wei.. haha..

the whole group.. combination from st.1 - 6

sisters!!! cello and violin

wao.. nice ^^

walao.. primary student singing duet love song some more...

wahaha.. i caught a silly pose when my bro was dancing.. their dance title "fusion"

the girls in the group

ending!! NICE!!!

part of members in my bro group..