Tuesday, March 31, 2009

make my blog alive

i really kinda lazy to write blog la.. nowadays.. so many test and hw.. some more my professional paper coming.. i wanna pass le... still got arond 5 weeks than i will be back.. 5 to 6 weeks la..

march.. i forgot one thing important.. i forgot to write out a blog for my birthday.. =p to say the truth.. the older i am the more not excited birthday is!! but my birthday falls on spring break.. thanks to EMO gang and drake friends... gave me a volcano surprise.. :) thanks to hannah.. :) thanks to some1 special gave me a big surprise... thanks to my parents.. =p gave me money shopping in chicago.. hahaha... thanks to ppl who wish me.. :)

went to the historical museum with my host family.. kinda lazy to write my blog d.. because most of the ppl in US are playing facebook.. everyone leaving message on facebook.. so most of the time i am using facebook.. so whatever pic you wanna see.. just go there and see la.. =p hahaha!!!

continue study la.. busy week coming.. haihz... good luck to me..

my life started to change.. yes.. it has start to change..

today.. i heard that my ah kor wei kuan got into top 20 for ASTRO!!! I am so happy for him.. i hope he can enter final.. :) JIA YOU!!! miss all the performance time. nvm.. at least now i can perform in MASA night, which is my university Malaysia night!!.. hehe.. singing for other countries... feeling kinda diff.. good luck to me again.. =p

Thursday, March 19, 2009


full used of my spring break... really enjoy in CHICAGO!!! travel with drake gang and HELP EMO GANG!! haha.. too many pic to upload so i will not upload too many pic.. i will just upload some pic... if u wanna see my pic!! GO TO FACEBOOK!!! hahaha...

march 14.. on the way to chicago... so basically nothing much.. reach chicago around 8 at night... so we check in and went to rainforest for our dinner... thanks everyone for the surprise.. the volcano ice-cream cake... :)

group shot.. inside rainforest!!

volcano cake!! thanks everyone!!

rainforest... really nice inside!!

isn't it nice??

march 15.. my birthday!!! haha... but we went to museum.. the musuem was dam chun!! so we went to the historical musuem and the aquarium museum.. before that we went to china town!!! for DIM SUM!!! mis dim sum wei... but cannot compare of course malaysia dim sum nicer!!! =p


xiu mai!!

xiu long bao!!

in front of the museum.. nice view!! with EMO GANG!!




i din mention navy pier.. cause we thought of going there to enjoy.. is like a fun fair.. but it is close.. :(

march 16... we went to SHOP!! SHOP SHOP SHOP!!! hehe... the outlet mall.. branded stuff like guess, coach, calvin klein.... SUPER CHEAP!! eventhough u convert it back to RM!!! hehe.. shit!! i am looking at branded stuff.. =p oh btw.. ruey yih and his friends rent a car... so we shop till a bit later than we reach hotel dam late d.. so went to eat MacD.. macd there was super big wei.. got lift, escolater.. =p

cynthia, chloe and me.. do u believe these are all ours?? =p


inside macd..

march 17.. we went to the ZOO!! the weather was nice today.. but to bad.. no show in the zoo.. :( so we just walk around.. basically is just animals.. =p so nothing much... after that i went to macys with jason.. cause don feel like going back to the hotel.. FULL USE of the time in trip.. we went to millenium park also.. we felt so nice.. =p oh yea.. we went to sears tower at night.. is part of the museum trip... we saw the sunset.. and the view of chicago!!

some pic inside the zoo..

posing with the famous BEAN!! will show u next.. is really a bean!!


the sun is totally set!! :)


march 18.. last day to walk around.. went to millenium park again.. after that we went to planetarium.. another part of the museum.. but no time to go to the science museum.. after that we went to magnificent mile.. the place where rich ppl go.. =p nike, forever 21, guess, coach, burberry, aldo... but expensive... just look around and never buy anything... oh yea.. we went to pizzeria UNO!!! the pizza was SUPER NICE!!! one slice is already full for me..!!! wahaha... NICE NICE!! YUMMY!!!


there u see!!! is a BEAN right???



march 19.. time to go back d.. at night went to my host family house to sleep for 3 days.. cause jewett only will open on 22nd...

march 20.. went out with my host family.. they bring me to crispy cream, garage sale, des moines art museum... and at night we went to eat japanese food... :) i dunno what is it call here... but in malaysia is tepenyaki... heehee..

lydia and sam

the SIFU frying!!

i cant wait to eat!!


march 21.. stay at my host family house cause they got class.. :) need to thanks them for letting me stay for 3 nights.. :)

march 22.. came back to JEWETT!! need to prepare for class.. :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

host family!!

in the previous post i mention bout my US host family... :) so now i am going to post some pic and write something bout it..

yesterday went to their house for dinner... :) they are really nice family and their kids were so fun and cute... :) was having fun with them... i will post some pic now.. :)

the kids.. devan and sam on top of me.. justin and lydia beside me.. :)

the boys.. cute right??

my host parents.. emily and jeff..

i am lifting samuel.. :)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

work smart but not hard!! ENJOYING!! :)

things do not come when we expect them... they always come when we least expect.. so be smart but not hard.. i am so tired and kinda disappointed in my results... but whatever over i only know i must do better next time...

and finally i got my US host family... they are emily and jeff with 4 kids... lydia, devan, sam and justin.. :) i really enjoyed playing with the kids... they are so smart and fun.. :) i did not have much pic i will get it and post it later... :)

don feel like writing so many emo stuff here... write some things happening here.. :) one month ago i went salsa night and i din post up my pic.. =p now write a bit la.. :) nothing much actually.. enjoy that night on feb 7.. :)

going to salsa night.. :)

the dance floor..

zi yu...