Monday, September 28, 2009


yohoo.. sudah lama tak update.. :P wahahha.. so now i am going to update la.. since the "schedule" i had planned had change.. so i will take this time to post the blog.. i am kinda lazy to post in diff blog so i post everything to one blog ok... :P busy preparing and joining diff kind of activities... :) preparing for homecoming which is next week.. super busy.. but not as busy as my super housemate AMY.. :P and also joining YELL LIKE HELL.. :) will be on next post... hehe...

ok.. i think about one month ago.. :P i went to a picnic with my hose parents.. :) erm.. the picnic is not like Malaysia which everyone thinks that we are going to the beach or park and than prepare food.. :P nope nope.. is actually a family gathering with my host parents kids school.. they have magic show for all the kids and something like auction where u bid the price.. the nintendo was only 100dollars i guess.. super cheap wei.. :P but i never buy.. i post some pic...

gathering at the hall

the kids are watching magic show

Sam volunteer to go on stage.. :)

hmm.. few weeks ago i rush for Delta Sigma Pie, a business organization.. but couldn't get in.. :( but it was fun during the rushing week.. went for picnic, roller skating..... hahaha.. I WILL GET TO SKATE SOON!!! :P

the next thing is.. host parents gathering.. is super fun talking to different families and get to know more bout the American Culture.. :) is just a gathering to eat... :)

justin.. :) holding the american football..

Sam and me

:P took this pic when walking to the lake..

1st time going to the lake in Iowa..

wahahahaha... guess what... i am learning how to COOK!!! :P don laugh at me la.. 1st time learning.. must give me a clap.. :P

the ABC soup.. i know the colour is kinda wierd.. but trust me I am so PROUD!!! :P

since i boiled too much.. so i used it as my lunch the next day..

potluck with friends..

lemon chicken i cooked.. hmm.. not bad la.. but not that nice compare to my mom's.. :p

Asam Fish cooked by Amy

too lazy to think.. so just cook indo mee.. put some mushroom into it.. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009


hmm... lots of exam is coming now.. i dunno y i keep feeling down cause i am afraid i cant do well in my professional paper.. :( well.. hope i can..

1st day of work isn't that bad... the manager was good and all the workers threat me really good... :) although i need to wipe all the table.. :P don laugh at me.. but kinda silly la.. find wrong money for customer.. :S

i know high expectation make me pressure and pressure.. i am joining volunteer job soon.. wanna help ppl and learn more things... :) hope that i won't be pressure.. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


WAO!!!!!!!! I haven been writing blog... all i post when i was in malaysia was just cheerleading.. :P well.. kinda lazy to post things now... will post some stuff when i think is fun in the states... :) been really sad feel like giving up when i did badly in my actuarial pro. papers... but anyway.. DON GIVE UP... is what all ppl advice me.. well i believe one day i could do it.. :) maybe not the top but at least i try my best...

well.. really busy this few days... running here and there to pay fees, fill forms, update information, deposits money, changing classes, finding professors.. :P many many more... and finally, considering my 1st job in my life.. :P is working as a cashier in a cafeteria in my uni.. wahahaha... nvm la.. wanna get the SSN 1st... :)

well... went to a candle party which only girls and women attend.. :) is actually pretty new for me because it doesn't look like a party to me.. it looks more like promoting if is in malaysia.. where we look at the candles and if we like it than we buy it.. i did not buy anything because for me i don't like to fill my room up with many things and when the time i move out will be crazy.. :P hehehe... i am thinking i might be a guy in the past.. :P wahaha..

here are some pic..

promoting the candles

special hand made vase.. each has diff shadows.. :)

halloween and christmas is coming!!

MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! MERDEKA!!! haha... 1st time i celebrate merdeka in US... all the malaysian in my uni celebrate it together.. well nothing much to write... here are some pic... we just celebrate it during the welcome back party... :)