Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween 2009 - harvest party & adoption party

yohoo... today upload 2 post... have been busy for exams and assignments and performances... chilling now... :P

as everyone know halloween is something new for me which is not that famous in Malaysia.. I never really went to a costume party.. :( but I went to a harvest party... and my pumpkin making was quite good actually.. :P hahahaha... I will show you some of the pictures...

apple cider

pumpkin decoration

look at all the pumpkin


my pumpkin.. :P and her friend..

justin drinking apple cider.. :P

so cute.. :)

place to make caramel apple


the kids get to watch snoopy

Justin playing one of the games...

WOW!! he manage to hit into the hole.. :)

my photo.. :)

The next day... My host parents have a adoption party for Justin and Devan.. :) They are theirs forever.. :) really touch and happy for them.. :)

My host parents adoption party.. Justin & Devan.. :)

They gain themselves a lovely grandpa.. :)

yummy cakes..

this restaurant has the best iowa food..

look at the pork i ordered..