Tuesday, December 30, 2008

swimming day

posing.. ^^

yesterday... december 29.. went to leo and miao's condo to swim... i guess we play water more than swimming.. haha... the water is sooo cold... end up everyone not swimming just playing... yeah.. elle know how to swim d... :) taught xiao mei how to swim... hehe.. xiao mei GA YAO... ^^

we all posing here and there.. a bit silly.. but enjoying... i also dunno what to write d... post picture only la... ^^

leo posing... ^^


elle, me, keong

under the swimming pool~~~

this pic so cute.. =p

we trying to help xiao mei.. hehe


group shot...


keong's pose very nice.. hehe

wa.. nice shot.. =p

this wan look like sea side.. =p

posing like model??

keong teach us how to pose.. =p

walao.. look at the guys...

Sunday, December 28, 2008


group shot at teng house...

just got the pic... so late post.. sorry... on the christmas eve... i went to teng house... to countdown for christmas... ^^ christmas.. 1st time really celebrate christmas la... so just have fun... ^^ have fun chatting with p2 gang and playing truth or dare.. =p haha... post pic.. ^^
seasons gang... hehe... winter, summer, spring


GROUP SHOT!! (some of them leave d)

on the christmas day... as usual like every year.. morning i have to go for praying 1st... than after that can enjoy... ^^ at night had a party at dear's place... bbq party... knew quite a few of his friends... and all fighting for food.. =p so end up i just ate a bit.. and we had game.. and the MOMO gang played like crazy lo.. wahaha.. me and mun same group.. we CHUT MAO dam geng.. overall... ENJOYED... but CINDERELLA is always a CINDERELLA... haha.. i appologize everyone had to end up quite rush because dear had to send me home.. :( really sorry... btw.. my ji mui yuen wah came... eh thanks a lot JI MUI... U ARE MY JI MUI 4EVA!!! post pic now... ^^

mun, me, and yuen wah holding the cupcakes

cupcakes i bought... ^^

my ji mui pouring water for leo... =.= haha.. posing behind.. =p

momo gang + my ji mui

group photo

another group photo

i step 2 boats??? haha... silly pose la...

pose before bbq.. =p

continue pose

look kinda gross when it's not cook.. =p

4 golden flowers?? haha.. SMS + my ji mui

photo with my ji mui

chester.. this pic.. look like wedding photo.. =p

keong teach me how to pose... haha...

playing water..

momo gang singing.. (p.s: sorry a bit xia sui that day).. aunty janet carrying a cute girl.. ^^

1) building tower with straws and an egg on top... prevent it from getting fall when we blow... =p wahaha... lets see how it goes...
group 1

my group... group 2.. :)

group 3

group 1 - nice tower ^^

wahaha... my group.. simply just to make it tall.. =p

group 3 - short and strong...

haha.. looks like the shorter one wins... ^^

2) i dunno what is it call... but u have to imitate the one before... haha... to guess what is the answer.. my group got "XIU KEONG".. and rest i forgot d.. haha... lets see...
look at chester imitate kok hay..

leo - nice pose.. =p

elle, me and wilson posing.. they came quite late.. but thanks for coming.. ^^

time to exchange present... ^^

group shot after exchange present.. momo gang and my ji mui only.. =p

Saturday, December 27, 2008


SKY BAR - group shot.. (samuel, EMO me, crabby, EMO fred, EMO kath, EMO roxy, EMO shin, Jizelle, EMO sean)

on the 27th of december.. finally once we meet again... but without lester... ish.. he got family dinner... planning to go genting on the 30th... hope kathleen and fred can make it...

shin, lester, sean leaving on the 1st of jan... so fast.. my flight was on the 12th jan at night 11.45pm... so my friends... u know what to do.. =p emo lots of day.. maybe because i felt that my life is gonna change.. i really dunno what happen... or i can say this is my 1st time "steppping out the world"... i had been "staying at home" taken care by my family all the while... what i wan was soo easy to get... maybe this is my 1st time staying out by myself... i hope i will be ok.. i have no idea what is going to happen in US... is not as easy as i think... maybe things doesn't go according to my way.. but what i hope is happy and i can study hard to get my degree... and to prove to my mom i can do it... :) should say actually is for myself... :) have to give up my performance at the end of january with all the very idol... i wish all of them the best in their hopes and wishes... ^^

stop the emo part... now i should be happy and posting pic for sky bar... haha... ^^ well.. i drank 2 shots of vodka... and i am kinda dizzy... alamak.. but still not high and not drunk.. just super headache... so cha wan meh??? =p and drank one cocktail.. i guess still luna bar nicer...


cheers ^^

the vodka we order - just some random number.. =p



dear so red.. =p

the EMO gang

peace ^^

camhore in the toilet again.. :)

crabby not prepared. =p

group shot in front of the pool

lala pose.. =p