Tuesday, May 12, 2009

things i have done in this 4 months

YUHOO!!! i just finish my finals... YEAH!!! and i am FLYING back tomorrow.. just finish packing here and there... plan not to sleep now.. haha... cause i am so EXCITED!!! haha... after the relay i thought of posting it.. but really busy for all the exams... uni in US really very diff from malaysia... which everything have to done by MYSELF!!! i think i become more hardworking in US.. =p everyday also STUDY... wahaha... believe??? but sure rest for some day la... haha... since i stop on the relay.. i wanna post something i done after relay... tmr i will post some more pic... because i will walk around and take pic.. is spring now.. :)


me, amy and fred with SNOWCON

FIGHT!! with my future roomie AMY!!


5 ON 5 RACE!!! WE RACE!!! haha...

we won!!! =p

picture took in the carnival.. its FREE!!!

after that.. i don think i have pic d.. =p relay got many more events.. like night and stuff.. but nothing much so never take any pic... and nothing much cause EXAMS!!! Zzzzz... I GET OVER IT!! YEAH!! SURVIVE!!! wahaha... =p so now i show some winter and spring pic.. :)


the library.. sorry i am not a good photographer..

drake building.. OLD MAIN

the library

the place i stay...

GREEN MOUNTAIN... i drank almost 100 dollars for this sem..


is time to fly back..