Monday, July 27, 2009


seriously i miss cheer so much.. i am not in cheerleading for about 3 years d... :( is really a good memory during my high school.. started competing in cheer2004.. got no.9 in 2006 when i was in form 5... really happy because we had improve a lot every year.. CALYX!!! my team... maybe for chs.. not many ppl supported because we were not as good as our band which won champion every year.. hard to get permision for practise and most of the competition time we had our exams... :( and i bet nobody will scared of calyx because we were not known as a strong team for ppl... but hey!! they won 3rd this year... and even won champion in a stunt division competition in all girls cathegory and even won 2nd in the international cathegory comparing with other country!!! isn't it amazing!!!?? so chs.. will u still call us bitchy and keep insulting all the cheerleaders as girlish?? oh pls... we do so many strengh work like the guys... and we don only CHEER.. we dance and do gymnas too!! here are some videos of calyx...

this is cheer2006.. can you find me?? =p

2006 performing in 1utama for merdeka day

calyx all boys!! won best new comer in 2007..

cheer 2008

charm cheerleading championship!! won 1st in all girls stunt division!! 2nd in international stunt division!!
i don have other videos... calyx perform in other events like sports day and campfire.. :) really miss those days.. :(

Sunday, July 5, 2009


this is the video from the star...

wohoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! calyx girls were awesome!!! we are so proud of you girls.... 3 awards!!! best dress, 1st runner up for best make up, and overall 2ND RUNNER UP for CHEER2009!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!! with 0.6 marks to 1st runner up.. :S but than you girls are so great... GIRLS POWER!!!

so CHS!!! will u now support cheerleading??? like how the way u support the band...??? and school.. will u still say we cheerleaders are always FLIRTING around??? LISTEN... we can do stunts, gymnastics, strength work and lots of things YOU ALL cant do it... we have to work out same as the guys... so what is cheerleading in CHS mind??? SLUT?? I DON THINK SO!!! will you still laugh at us when we practise?? and give all the stupid nonsense without suporting... DON BE SO "YIN SAT"... bringing back 3 awards!!! WHAT CAN YOU SAY?? making us performing in uniform before.. =.= without giving an eye on us and what are we practising... without even care bout us... only the BAND!!! hmph...

3 AWARDS!!! with the team calyx... :) go PINK BLACK WHITE!!!

all the senior supporting our beloved CALYX.. :)

C-A-L-Y-X LETS GO CALYX!!!!!!!!!!

this is the video on saturday...

in case u couldn't see everything.. this is a video from someone... sunday performance... :)


1st runner up... SHIRTLIFF!!!

the winners

DAMN IT!!! it makes me thought of cheer again... i really miss those cheer days... :) is so tired after practise... but is so fun... we had improve a lot compare to the 1st time... :) really miss those days... now my badge members are all graduate from high school except the flyer AMELIA.. :) she is the one who keep flying up and down... :) miss you girls.. got any outing pls call me... especially when u girls celebrate... :)