Monday, June 23, 2008


wa... looks like i have quite a few days did not really online... because i was really really.. not to say busy.. but not at home.. and many practises, performance, quizes, assignments have to rush...

well... i have lots of things to write... 1st... our halo very idol concert is coming... every group is busy preparing... haihz... this few days it was really really kinda stress for me...

on the 20th of june... is my youngest brother's birthday.. and i was not at home the whole day because i have practises at halo... after my class in college... around 12.30 i reach halo.. than we have to go out and look for our costume.. but we found nothing.. aikz... than we reach at halo around 6.30p.m.. than i have dance class after that... than straight to mainstream because i need to rehears for june 21 performance... and i came back around 11... my brother sleep d.. and i din even get to wish him happy birthday... what kinda of sister am i????!!!!!!!!!

june 21... i have performance at 12.30 at t-hop... well.. i din really perform really really well.. but i glad that i improve in my singing... than around 4 i have to come back to mainstream to meet "ling qiong long"... which i dunno why also... btw... just get to know adwin from mainstream also who 1st time perform with us... wow!! he can dance really well.. =p ok.. he fetch me back from to mainstream... and is really really bad jam... we took more than 1 hour to reach.. oh my god!!! hmm... than after meeting him.. which he say "wanna see what we learn in mainstream".. kinda swt... me and elliot need to rush to halo for practising... today i was dam stress... really really stress.. until my face really turn liao... really sorry... i am really really stress this few days... sorry still tears finally.. :( today i help alan's group for contemp together with yean... sleep very late because i chat with mun on the phone.. =p

june 22... get up early in the morning because got piano class... and i really really kinda sad i heard something really sad.. which i don wanna say... haihz... after that.. i came back and sleep.. because i was really tired.. and i get up like 2 something d... have to rush to halo... oh no.. than once i reach... i need to play the contemp for alan's group d... but at last selina say don wan use us... a bit disappointed but nvm la... i don wanna think bout that... went to 1u to shop for our costume... we shop and shop but at last still get what selina ask us to buy.... so ok la.. settle.. don wanna care anymore.. sien... today our dance have improve a lot... ^^ i hope we really can do well in the performance.. ^^

june 23.. which is today... went to halo for prac also... ^^ din really get to practise a lot... but still ok la... i need to help out at the back stage during performance... hehe.. i just wanna enjoy.. today i just finish my quiz... and i din really study for it.. shit... =p

hmm... i have many things have not been done.. well.. i haven apply for my uni... i really not in the mood to apply now.. i dunno y.. but those who knows me well... i think u all know la... i really dunno what am i thinking now... haihz... i wanna be good in everything... i really wanna achieve what i wan.. many many things really like happen now.. and like i really need to be strong... some of it i really don wanna write on my blog.. keep it personal... besides... halo forest idol training going to end soon... kinda sad also... cause is time to "seperate".. but our friendship DON!! :)

stop here la... haha... today just write about these few days stuff...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

TYRING DAY - practising in halo!!

phew.. today dam tired... this morning... have a quiz which is differential equation.. oh gosh.. the question dam tricky.. oh no... dunno how many correct!! OH GOSH!!

hmm.. halo forest concert is coming... hmmm... had to really practise and practise hard... our idea can't be use so we had to go and learn some steps for dance.. oh gosh!! need learn kungfu.. =p hahaha... some more need dance like couple dance... haha... is a "tu po".. =p

need to spend money to buy dress liao.. haihz.. need spend quite a lot... sienz...

today before we start practise.. me, kk, yean, de yi, hao quan reached early so selina teacher called us to record some stuff!! wahaha... ok i write in chinese..

今天是我第一次到海螺森林的办公室!!哈哈!!原来我们要录myfm电台要播的海螺森林演唱会广告!!这个星期六开始会播了!!哈哈!!有我,子欣,kk,浩权,得毅和selina老师的声音!!哈哈!!很好笑,take 2 gao dim liao!! =p hahaha... 不过kk的声音真的很明显!!=p


星期五要去找服装!!星期六就要看了!!星期五晚上还要去魔棋彩排星期六金河的表演!!惨了!!我什么都还没练!!haihz... 真忙啊!!


Saturday, June 14, 2008


hmm... 今天大家都在讨论着演唱会的演出哦!!我没有报名演习的部分... 只是报名在会弹keyboard的女生!!哈哈!!接着,我们就自己去练习啦!!^^
justin(我们班的合音歌唱老师),得毅(我们班的touch producer!!)
kor... 干嘛躲在后面... 晓甜(我们班的歌唱老师)
justin.. writing out our performance.. =p
kor.. u took over?? aiyo de yi!! y touch producer playing game.. =p
selina 老师!!listening with us.. =p
大约6点半,接近7点..准备要去录音室了!!哇!!没得吃晚餐!!吃面包!! =p
yo...7位美女和伟权!!哈哈哈!! =p
大佬alan!! =p 乙轩在后面干嘛?=p
shhh.. 有人在录音!
哈哈!!3兄弟!! 业勇,alan,伟权
angel.. miss malaysia
justin - 未来的歌手!
这个是我啦!! =p
第8班的-业勇(很像lijiu zhe)不会写!! =p



今天我选唱了《口袋的天空》...david老师说我的声音很可爱!!哈哈!!其他人在外面跳舞!!弄到我很想笑!!都是alan带头!! =phaih..我很讨厌可爱!!哈哈!!不过得接受!!晓甜说会教我唱歌的feel.. hehe...得空我希望能教他们keyboard!!



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Halo Forest performance - practising day in jojo's house

today is june 12... just came back from college and it is 10 am now... just finished my account's quiz.. hehe... blog before i have the next class which is 11am(gu zheng).. than around 1.30 i have to go back to college again.. wuu... got another class...

hmm... yesterday i had no time to blog because i came back at 10.30.. and finished changing at 11... so i had to study for my accounts quiz.. it was really fun practising with class 7 and i had no regrets of going for the practising.. because before that i thought of skipping it for studies... lucky i studied a bit before.. =p so still ok la... but today's quiz dunno ok a not la.. =p very tricky..

i can only said that how lucky am i in class 7... i think there is only our class which did not split 12 of us into different group.. we have to sing 5 songs.. ^^ and our class "touch producer" de yi.. hehe... did all the arrangement!!! THANKS DE YI!! ^^

ok... after i finish my piano class... than wei kuan called me and say wen zi coming to his house.. nothing to do.. so came here earlier to find me.. ^^ so went and pick them up at kelana around 5... 2 of them hp no battery.. :-S.. luckily i reach just in time.. wahaha.. not early not too late... ^^ =p at 1st we thought of having practising at 7.. but still.. we start at 8.. haha..

hmm.. i dunno how halo going to seperate our vocal.. but for now, i was one of them to incharge the harmonic melody.. ^^ (need justin teach) hehe.. =p we took quite a long time to just practise a song.. but i believe we can do it... time given is too short... aikz... so hope we can sing more...

nothing too much to write actually... i am just too happy to sing with class 7... ^^ but one of our "vocal teacher" xiao tian din come.. =p her vocal is just too nice.. ish.. i envy.. =p hahaha... between she is the one who always teach me how to sing xiao xiao.. ^^ i really need to thank her... ^^

about how we going to perform.. will not write 1st la.. =p surprise ma.. haha.. everyone GAMBADE ya!!! ^^

hehe... discussing.. =p kor.. u suppos to be serious.. =p

jojo searching lyrics... de yi playing guitar.. justin and hao quan so serious le.. =p

wen zi and my ah kor listening.. =p

yean... (taking pic).. let u take lo.. =p haha.. me and wei kuan..

jojo still so serious in finding lyrics.. haha.. thankie..

okok... be serious.. =p

pei wen(wen zi) youngest in class... listening le.. =p

jo.. y suddenly not serious d.. =p jokin.. i realise u and my ah kor really got "fu qi xiang".. haha..

wei.. justin teacher here teaching!!! =p

wa... many things have to be done!! >.<

still thinking how to make the performance interesting.. hmm..

kor u suddenly so serious.. =p

our class "touch producer".. haha... de yi.. and his guitar... thanks for all the arangement!! ^^

yean.. =p my turn to take ur pic.. =p hehe.. justin teaching harmonic... ^^

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


yong tatt, jing, me, wei kuan, alan at oug halo cafe..

june 9.. which is a monday night... gather with jing and yong tatt... have a "trip" to halo cafe... hahaha...

hmm.. that day was my ah kor wei kuan and also one of my friend alan singing at halo cafe... so wanted to give them a surprise because my ah kor so moody these few days... oh beside that.. i will call jing is because she know wei kuan and she said that long time din see him... and so we decided to call yong tatt out also cause he just came back from australia... yong tatt say like kena "cheated" by us.. =p sorry la.. but 2 leng lui teman u go out.. =p haha.. jk la.. jing leng lui la.. =p

so in the afternoon.. i asked my ah kor where is he singing.. than he say sunway.. so i told him i have exam next day so cannot go support.. =p he really believe.. wahaha... so i called jojo also...

when we reach sunway... that jing dam funny la.. keep facing the mirror.. =p jing.. u really pretty d la.. =p haha... when we went to the cafe... OH!! i saw jerry teacher.. =p and suddenly jojo call and tell me she heard is yaya and jerry and i think is justin singing.. HUH!!??? i thought... isn't it my ah kor and alan??

so i called them la.. oh my gosh.. they change to oug liao.. the plan spoilt liao.. yer... actually i thought of sitting in sunway halo de.. but than jing dunno them.. so i asked yong tatt whether oug is far from sunway.. he asked us "how long u wanna reach there??" i say "5 min ok a not?" than he say "u say wan ar.. don scream ar.." oh no... i forgot he know how to speed.. haha... than i say 5 - 10 min... =p

oh gosh!! really took btw 5-10.. i was screaming in the car d.. =p oh ya.. haha... me and jing were 1st and 2nd person to sit his new car.. =p hahaha... so by the time reach in oug.. wei kuan also frightened... he say "i put down ur call.. than sing 2 songs.. reach d!!" wahaha... he sang 《当你孤单你会想起谁》for jing.. haha.. cause jing like nicholas.. =p hahaha...

ok la.. nothing much to say also.. ciao at 10.45 cause jing have to ciao d... =p oh and thanks to yong tatt for the gift from aus.. ^^ really like it.. ^^

hmm... so i hope my ah kor prob can solve la.. ^^ don moody la.. ^^ haha..

alan and wei kuan singing.. =p
haha.. yong tatt..
leng lui hui jing.. ^^
me and jing..
me and yong tatt..