Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Yohoo.. is been quite a while i never update my blog.. well.. homecoming just ended few days ago.. I was very extremely happy because I get to involve on campus.. Oh well.. I went to rock climbing with outdoor leadership club too.. :) too busy to climb till no pictures taken.. :P

Oh yea.. so the title is HOMECOMING!! Is a tradition of American.. but Drake has Relays so homecoming isn't that big compare to other uni.. but than is still the 2nd biggest event in DRAKE.. :) the theme for homecoming 2009 is "BULLDOG TO THE RESCUE".. so basically the events that they organize featuring super heroes.. :) lets see.. I involve in sponsorship, prizes, and ultimate college contest... ultimate college contest is a competition btw each college which we calculate which college has the most attendance for the homecoming event.. btw.. our college has business, arts & science, pharmacy, education, journalism, and law.. :) ok.. so I will basically just summarize a few event..

october 3... the first day of the homecoming event.. :) busy helping out... decorating the whole campus.. and because it's also parents family weekend.. we had blast off lunch... :) and also movie night which shows transformers 2... hehe... show you some pic..

homecoming decoration..

blast off lunch

they perform during blust off lunch.. they sing really well.. :)

haha.. i am directing Gary sticking the paw prints.. :P

after sticking the paw prints.. we went to drake stadium.. to.........(next pic)

get SPIKES!!! haha.. pic. took after setting up.. so heavy...

october 4.. the day is interesting.. around 12pm we had window painting and powderpuff game.. :) powderpuff is a game which girls play american football and the guys become the cheerleader.. :) hahaha.. 1st time seeing it.. busy helping out with registration.. :) window painting.. obviously is paint the window.. :P oh yea.. mention bout rock climbing.. I went rock climbing later.. :) pictures here...

helping out for powderpuff

TA DA!!! ok i change to MASA shirt cause i wearing both together.. :P cold le.. :P

window painting

this is MASA's window painting.. becky posing.. :P

this is MASA team.. :)

Ziyu, Amy, and me posing with the football..

my housemates... me, christal, and amy


the powderpuff champion!!

learning how to belay.. :P

october 6.. SUPER YOU!! and MAGICIAN.. super you.. is to test your 5 senses.. hear, smell, taste, feel, vision.. :) i think my senses quite bad.. :P busy helping out too.. but I was happy seeing ppl having FUN!! :) and the magician show by Justin Kredible was AWESOME!! he was so funny.. I did not mention to get much picture as I was busy watching but I do get a video.. :) cant post it here cause the file is too big..

how super are you???

I am helping out.. :)

hahaha... you know how super I am? :P

2 volunteers on stage during magic..

He is not only a magician.. but really funny.. :)

october 7... FANTASTIC FALL FESTIVAL.. wohoo.. it was like a carnival.. I was incharging the prizes.. did not get to play much.. :( too concentrate on work.. :P haha.. there is games and foods.. and photo booth.. :) ppl who play get tickets and they get to exchange with prizes.. ;) I did not take any pictures as most of the pictures are with my friends.. Did not manage to get from him so will post it up later.. ;)

the fall festival

this was funny.. :P

fred incharging one of the games...

anyone wanna exchange for spikes??? :P

october 8th.. no events.. but I had actuarial evening to attend.. meeting up and talking to company.. :) I need to thanks to my room mate AMY which given me tips how to talk to the company.. :) I got an interview from the company TRAVELERS.. :) after that I was busy with YELL LIKE HELL practise and i did not go for the famous lecture by the famous speaker MAYA ANGELOU... :(

october 9.. AN EXTREMELY BUSY DAY FOR ME!!! oh yea.. in the morning.. I went for the company interview.. is my very 1st time for job interview.. pretty nervous.. I really really need to thank Amy for giving me mock interviews at night.. I am not that nervous anymore.. :) after that.. I had to go for actuarial bbq in the afternoon.. playing kickball with all the actuarial company and meet new friends.. :) when i come back.. i was exhausted.. :( i slept till I almost forgot that I need to be at Olmsted before 5.30 because Eric Hutchinson is coming and I have to be the security for one hour.. :P hahaha... do you know who is Eric Hutchinson? go google or youtube if you dunno.. :P SO SORRY and I ran there at about 5.40.. :P before the concert it was Yell like Hell competition.. YOU KNOW WHAT!!! MASA WON 1st!!! haha.. I am sure you guys saw the video on facebook.. so I don wanna post here any more.. :P and we are on the newspaper.. :P just a few pict of Eric Hutchinson.. :) I got his signature.. :)

Drake cheerleaders..

Yell like Hell..

We Won!! :)

haha.. We are on the newspaper.. :P

SAB co-chair.. Witney(bands), Greg(bands), Nicole(homecoming), Amy(homecoming)

Sue Ann, Amy, and me

homecoming king and queen..

the stage was really nice... Eric Hutchinson singing

a closer view...

the closest view.. :P

Homecoming ended.. and I cant believe it snows at october 10... walaoye.. i know winter is coming.. yee... stop here.. dunno what to write d.. :P oh yea.. the night before homecoming.. the chinese society had a mooncake party.. :) I get to eat some mooncake.. and there is a piano dueling again.. but than I watch it before during spring so I just went for the mooncake party.. :)

Games during mooncake festival

dueling piano.. they are awesome!!