Sunday, August 31, 2008

happy, busy, disappointed!! vs Merdeka day countdown!!

hmm... looks like almost 1 week i din update my blog d... what to write le.. haha.. ok... write these few days stuff ba.. feel quite happy these few days... haha.. few reasons...
1st... i get to perform together dance together with wilson, ze yao, thomas, ah bing, wei hoong and YEAN!! hehe... 1st time perform with all pro dancers.. need to train hard d..
2nd.. hmm.. I pass my gu zheng exam!!! wohoo!!! wakaka... just pass ngam ngam.. very happy d.. because i din prac.. wahaha...

well.. my semester just started 2 weeks.. last semester d.. :( this semester quite busy la...
1) public speaking introductory speech
2) 1st sociology quiz
3) dance performance which i just wrote (dunno perform where la) =p
4) public speaking informative speech
5) sociology discussion topic
6) sociology 2nd quiz
7) mainstream charity performance
8) halo 1st exam
9) public speaking mid term
10) sociology 3rd quiz
11) public speaking memorative speech
12) sociology 4th quiz
13) yamaha teacher piano performance exam
14) public speaking persuasive speech
15) sociology project
16) sociology project presentation
17) FINALS!!

well.. kinda disappointed with my toefl results.. "Fucker" wei.. how can i did badly for reading part.. where others was quite high.. hate myself wei... listening was high.. nowander my piano exam sight reading also not that good.. oral better... i think a bit abnormal.. haha.. but my fault la.. ish.. nvm la.. don wan think la... i just hope everything will be alright.. ish.. don feel like talking now.. i feel like killing myself...

ok.. and merdeka countdown.. went out with mainstream friends to pyramid on merdeka eve... is like never go to countdown la.. end up we go kim gary and yam cha.. haha.. cause nothing to do also.. =p yam cha and talk and take pic.. went back around 3.. oh my.. haha.. break record again la..

8 of us at macd..

haha.. "kids" playing...

pose... ^^

kids playing again..

haha.. this wan act kena trap by mun leo and jimmy.. =p

pose again...

i realise i got "mo qi" with keong.. haha

haha.. do re mi fa so la ti do... =p

i like this...


walking to kim gary...

me, mun, mei, alicia

thinking what to order...

keong wanna smack see mun

uncle jimmy, keong, mun, ali reading story book.. =p

kim gary vs wong kok.. wahaha... i wander who put the menu inside keong's bag.. =p


xiao mei eating mango ice.. i like this pic cause from this view my nose looks "higher".. wahaha...

what is chester keong an leo doing in the toilet..

squeezing into a kenari.. =p poor alicia... =p sometimes is good but bad to be skinny.. haha.. =p

oh my.. i cant believe.. we really squeezing in a kenari.. =p

look behind.. haha... alicia squeez till disappear d.. =p

haha... aduh.. faster la.. ppl looking.. =p

on merdeka day.. went to mainstream to rehearse.. yeah.. part a almost done.. hope everything done soon la.. i don feel like stress so much in it.. i am not pro.. cant do all the dance k..!!! after that went to 1u with them.. wanted to buy hamper for aunty janet.. but than end up never buy.. =p haha.. go other day la.. I SAW A SUB JACKET!!! i love it wei.. but is like over 100 bucks... i wanna get for it la.. but went back at 10 something close shop d.. wanna get it wei.. but wanna think la... expensive la... =p and the white shorts.. don plan to get it la.. seldom wear shorts... went to take sticker photos.. 10 ppl squeezing in a mahince screaming "go front a bit!! go back a bit!!" wahaha.. keong even pull my hair... but fun la.. =p bought a cap from pink pussy cat.. haha.. love it.. =p

my part a.. pose... =p mun taking emily place.. jimmy taking adwin place.. =p

looks like holding a fireball.. =p haha.. manage to get the jacket.. now heart a bit pain cause expensive.. haha.. i need to search a white pants for performance..

me and mun the dai ka jie.. =p

squeez again.. now 10 ppl.. =p


mei, deborah, mun, me and alicia..

mun, alicia, me

before going back.. the guys went jusco shopping for groceries.. acting like aunty uncle talking.. =p

dunno what to write d... i am going crazy.. my feelings going happy sad happy sad.. haha.. just like what i am going to give my speech coming wednesday.. but i looking forward to the dance practise la.. =p kaka.. stop here 1st.. dunno what to write.. =p

Sunday, August 24, 2008

1st time audition for casting!! =p

class 7 girls.. yean, jojo, me, angel before audition!!

haha... today i went for casting in halo forest... double vision is shooting a movie soon and they are finding ppl... so they call me to go for the audition...

well.. nothing much to write.. i wanna thank alicia cause before audition.. they say wan us to prepare 1 min show... and act out everything myself... SHIT!!! what to act o... so i call director alicia... she help me out... THANKS A LOT MY DARLING!!! MUAKZ!!! haha....

i did kinda funny during the audition.. when i think back.. i really feel like laughing.. i think my "drama" not really flow.. wahaha... erm.. i almost cry de.. but than i dunno what to continue so i just end.. haha.. stupid la.. this is my 1st time acting in the audition.. actually can say 3rd time acting ba... good experience.. ha.. 1st time is act as "cinderella" name betty.. haha... together with ah keong as my prince... after that me and keong famous as a couple liao... =p haha.. keong act as prince Andrew.. wakaka.. so everytime i see him i call him andrew and he call me betty.. =p sounds funny la.. =p wakaka... 2nd time is golden babe with alicia.. but that wan just act a bit only..

hmm... mainstream performance... really feel very headache.. sorry to all my friends and darlings.. i know today i scold a lot.. like very moody... i really hope the dance in part a can flow well... i believe all of u all can do it!! really sorry... and today prac dance... ahem.. KEONG!! I MARRY U LA!!! haha.. wahaha... =p (those ppl who prac today should know what happen.. paiseh write here.. =p) but i know i light d ma.. haha.. so let u easy carry me.. =p

Saturday, August 23, 2008

《第十行星》挑战成功 vs 魔棋歌唱班毕业了

今天早上很迟起床!!哈哈!!因为很迟睡!!哈哈!!=p hmm... 从我的标题来看,今天还蛮开心的!!今天海螺森林的训练我终于成功挑战《第十行星》了!!chilla老师说我唱得很好!!很开心!!(让我爽一下)=p 她也让我自由选者我下一首要唱的歌曲!!不过必须是punk and rock的!!她给了我几个歌手“戴爱玲”、“christina argulera”、“kelly clarkson”!!哇!!她们都很厉害叻!!有几首建议就是戴爱玲的《我该得到》,kelly clarkson的《beautiful disaster》!!还有一首也不错就是《addicted》!!再打算吧!!哈哈!!不过下个星期要唱了!!:-S

今天我的脚又黑青了!!因为今天的舞蹈课还要人命一下的!!短短一拍要转圈!!还要很快又要趴地!!哇~~~~ 我还不能catch到叻!!今天kiyoshi教了我一些break dance的动作!!很难叻!!又很累!!哈哈!!不过我也想break一些啦!!哈哈!!给我一点时间!!=p

毕业了!!大合照(christine, alicia, chester, 马老师, leo, me the shortie =p)

魔棋的歌唱班终于毕业了!!哈哈!!今天考试,唱了一整天,声音有点怪!!大家都有进步哦!!不过我的感情还是很需要加强啊!!很开心没有童音了!!嘻嘻!!=p 今天我唱了《我不想忘记你》、《假装》、《失恋无罪》!!很开心和alicia, leo, chester, wen chiert(去了星加坡留学), christine同班!!和你们学习很开心!!有点不舍得没有一起上课了!!大家就为9月的演出加油吧!!




keong, leo, me, alicia, aunty janet, christine, chester

leo my buddy... haha.. =p

wen chiert(red shirt).. 去了星加坡留学!所以没和我们考试!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

UTAR fashion night!! dancing performance...

din get to take group pic... only get to take 4 of us.. on top... our teacher suan =p, his gf jessie; bottom me and jojo

hmm.. as i say in the previous post.. i have to go for dancing practising at UTAR this whole week...(well.. i din even perform in any HELP function.. and i am performing for UTAR.. haha) and guess what.. 4 dance... 1st... is early 17 dance.. than next is.. i dunno what is it call.. and macarena... than hip hop.. of course hardest is hip hop.. need remember many steps.. and we learn the whole dance for only 1 day... give some clap.. =p wahaha...

so thursday went for rehearsal.. and kinda messy dunno what to do... oh ya.. we dance the song "LOW"... haha... now i am feeling dam HIP HOP!! WUHOO!!.. haha.. thanks to our "teacher" suan.. hehe.. i dunno his name ar.. =p

i dunno what to write.. just kinda messy for 1st 3 dance.. hip hop.. overall ok but i dance wrong some part.. but still can cover la.. oh ya.. and we saw justin.. he was shock seeing me and jojo on the stage... wakaka.. =p nothing much to write d.. i also dunno what to write d... =p din get to take much pic... so will just upload some pic took after performance...

me and jojo.. took before performance..

me, jessie, jojo

suan, jessie, jojo me

3 funny guys.. =p alex, tall guy =p (sorry forgot ur name), suan

din get to take other costume... cause have to change very fast... and cause is a fashion nite... so our dance is arrange according to the YEARS!!! have a nice experience.. and i am really in the dance mood now... I WANNA IMPROVE MORE!! AND MORE!!!

SMS badminton day!! haha.. =p

gonna post 2 blogs in a day.. hmm.. august 21st.. thursday(yesterday)... got clas in the afternoon at college... so early in the morning.. i got up 7.15a.m because SMS(me, see mun, mun yee) plan to go to play badminton today.. haha.. oh gosh!! i guess i have dunno how many YEARS din play badminton.. and all i know how to do is just start the game.. and simply play.. haha... i think i pick up the ball more than i hit it... my hand dam pain la..

actually nothing to write also... at 1st plan wanna go swimming on 22nd(today).. but than u know la... girls bulan datang cannot go... aiyo!! gek sei ngo!!! but my hand dam pain la... long time din play badminton hit too hard... i like the feeling after sports... hehe...

these whole week kinda busy.. cause have to perform in UTAR fashion night.. as a dancer... geng... i din perform for HELP before.. i perform for UTAR.. haha.. will post on other blog.. now pic time.. ^^

wahaha.. so semangat after chong wei winning silver.. =p pro me and mun.. wahaha...

haha.. me

ah mun pick up the ball.. =p

ah mun always look like dai kar jie...

xiao mei pro ar.. =p

can u all see the ball?? haha..

wa.. xiao mei.. play badminton u wan pose like that meh... =p

me picking up the ball.. =p

wahaha.. i am good in acting pro.. =p

i look so sweaty...

ji mui...

me and xiao mei...

random pic took by mei...

aunty see mun...

xiao mei sleeping keh??

me driving in the rain... fetch see mun back la.. =p

see mun going into her house.. =p haha..

after that.. mei come to my house... hmm.. nothing much.. went leo cafe and makan lunch with her... than send her to mainstream... ^^ than rush to college.. than rush to UTAR.. rehearsal.. so dam tired... =p