Thursday, December 17, 2009


wohoo.. finish final exam d... till now only i have the time to really sit down and blog for few hours.. :) next week i am going to FLORIDA!!! WOHOO... ;P had been studying for my professional exam and i finally pass.. :) *happy*.. ok.. so get to the point...

on the november 14th which is Drake International Night!! :) I performed.. but i don't have the video to upload so you guys can go onto my facebook profile and watch la.. ;) i sang 2 songs.. "first love" & "because of you".. and i sang a part of "nobody" song from wander girls.. :) first time singing japanese and korea.. because i am suppos to represent the country "Korea".. well there is a story line.. so in the part I am suppos to act like I am a singer in a concert.. chun huh?? and than with the famous wonder girls dance "nobody" :P kinda happy because i helped out a lot in ISA night.. :) having fun and experiencing working with people all around the world.. the 5 wonder girls.. me, mary anne, ching, sam & hannah.. 5 girls with a combination of 4 countries.. :) Malaysia, Korea, China, Thailand.. we worked really well although we are from diff countries.. I am really happy with it.. :)

move on next performing for Malaysia.. we performed Asmaradana.. the story of the puteri gunung ledang.. :) well.. i dunno what to say but i will upload pic.. :)

and i become amy soon's dancer.. :) i am her backup dancer.. really learn a lot and enjoy learning dancing.. :) amy soon is such a great dancer.. :) before that... i went up randomly for a "audition" scene.. and i need to freestyle.. my freestyle is sooo bad.. when i watched the video i was like "OMG!!!" :P haha.. video are on facebook..

after that we had international food all around the world.. ;) really full that night.. haha.. k la.. lazy to write.. i post pic..

i found it on youtube without my singing.. is the NOBODY performance...

me, amy and sue ann..

SHE!! :P crystal and amy.. my best roomie ever.. :)

playing around.. :)

asmaradanians.. ;P

everyone start posing.. :P i want nobody nobody but "you".. ;P

the puteri and the dayang dayang..

the asmaradana.. almost last post..

me singing.. :)

DRAKE wonder girls.. me, sam, ching, maryanne, hannah


4 wonder girls..

my host parents came and support.. :)


Anonymous said...
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mun yee said...

hey hey... when u come back,u teach me this dance ya!!! kaka...

Anonymous said...
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