Monday, January 11, 2010

winter break with host parents

I know I am really lazy to update my blog.. but u guys can see from my facebook now.. :P haha.. photos.. so i am going to write a bit.. well.. after finals... before going to florida.. i went to my host parents house for winter gathering.. they teach me how to make lasagna.. :) had a great night... we wanted to see the lights.. but the line was too long.. so we head home.. post some pic now..

presents for my host parents and siblings..

x'mas tree

me and Isa

ee xiang and the cute little puppy

gingerbread house made by sam

thanks to my host family.. it keeps me warm.. :) guess what's in it?? :P

learn how to make lasagna

in the progress...

gingerbread cookie... :)

playing with Lydia's barbie.. :P

justin with his present

ee xiang feeding the cat Prince


cookie!! DONE!!!


oh yea.. the same day I went to the city tour with a lot of host parents.. is like a museum.. i just post pic than.. lazy to taip...

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