Sunday, January 17, 2010

florida trip

ok... is really late now i know... i just came back from florida 2 weeks ago.. it was sooooooooooo suppppperrrrr funnnnn!!!!! haha... too many things to post.. so i don't think i will post any photo here... just go to my facebook if u wanna see any photo... haha... everything is posted..

so on the 21st of dec.. we arrived in orlando... it's really late so we just had macd and went back to hotel and Zzzzz...

on the 22nd.. we went to disney world.. 1st day!! semangatnya!!! :P went to animal kingdom... we took almost every rides... this is the best ride we sat... it's called expedition everest disney... i took from youtube... let u guys see the ride... :) there were many awesome shows.. like lion king... finding nemo.. :)

expedition everest

on the 23rd.. we went to hollywood studio... we had the best ride ever... aerosmith.. the super fast roller coaster.. haha... is so dark inside and super fast till i don remember how many 360 were there... :P and towers of terror.. free fall about 13th floors.. haha.. fun!! oh ya!! and AMERICAN IDOL EXPERIENCE!!! me and gary went for audition.. congrats to Gary cause he went through a few rounds.. i did not pass through.. but i was happy.. cause is like some experience for me... i won't let go any chance to sing!! haha... oh yea.. and i loved the show fantasmic... i took the whole video.. sorry is too long to post here.. :P

towers of terror

aerosmith.. here the sound.. feel the speed

stunt show... short preview for u..

on the 24th... christmas eve... we went to magic kingdom... oh my!! it was so tired.. and i went back at 1am... :P to see all the parade and everything.. pretty silly huh?? but i kinda feel like it's worth it.. :D just went to my facebook and see all the picture in magic kingdom..

on the 25th.. we went to Epcot.. last day in disney world...raining.. but we had all the rides too.. we went to the g-force thing... and we wanted to experience the g-force... we ran out of time so we couldn't had the "advance" g-force ride.. so we sit the "looser" ride without g-force... cause some1 "puke" inside the ride and we had to wait for them to clean up... epcot was pretty nice because we get to walk through all the countries... :) japan, mexico, canada, paris..... a lot...

on the 26th.. we went to Sea world.. :D it was so cool!! i love the Manta ride... haha.. and the roller coasted was awesome too!! all the show was so cool where u see the animals acting... :) i will post a video here...

manta ride.. :)

Shamu!! awesome whale..

on the 27th.. we went to universal studio... both parks a day.. we bought the "express pass".. feeling like VIP.. and because of the pass we are able to finish everything.. :D haha... my friend Regi took a video of the ride "doctor doom free fall".. post it here... and i will post a few rides.. cause universal studio ride are soooo coooooll... had too much roller coaster d... :P

the hulk...

doctor doom's fear fall.. took by regi..

on the 28th.. we were suppost to go to bush garden... but we were tired of all the rides and theme park.. so we rent a car and went to clear water beach in tampa.. the sand was sooo soft and nice.. and also white... ncie beach.. but the wind was sooo strong and cold... ish... i dare not take of my jacket... we went bush garden at 6.00pm.. :P haha.. it closed at 8.30pm... me and natalie were so headache because of someone's driving.. :P i don wanna write it here who is it.. :P did not get to sit the 90 degrees roller coaster.. too headache..

on the 29th.. we went to downtown disney... shopping shopping!!! haha... we wanted to go to rainforest for dinner but we had to wait for almost 2 hours... argh... so we just had sandwhich.. bought a few things in downtown disney.. :) haha..

on the 30th and 31st.. we went to miami... first day arived.. rent a bike.. and we cycle around.. we ate something cool first day which is mediteranean food!! so nice!!! hahaha... and on the 31st.. we went to south beach and also JET SKI!!! WOHOOOOOOO!!!! post video here.. miss the weather in miami... soo hot and warm!!! :) i count down at the beach which is next to so many clubs... underage.. couldn't get in.. sound so sad.. :P

jet ski!!!

on the 1st of jan.. we went back to orlando.. :( me and natalie went to prime outlet and shop!!! did not shop that much because my bag was full!!!! ish...

on the 2nd of jan.. time to say byebye.. :( although i am super tired and exhausted.. but i really miss the trip.. and miss natalie... hope we had a chance to meet in other trip!!!

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