Thursday, January 14, 2010

CFUM performance vs Baby Tade's Birthday

one month ago.. went to perform for a kid's church.. is like a talent night show... sang "reflection" and gary sang "can you feel the love tonight".. never really prepared.. so my singing kinda suckie.. :P haha.. is ok la... all the kids perform too.. such a great night.. ...... dunno what to write d.. :Pall the kids..

me and gary.. :)

p.s: no other pic... sorry.. :P

It's baby Tade's birthday.. one year old.. so cute.. :) we went to church at first and we went to a pizza place to celebrate for him.. :)

the children perfroming music in the church..

all the kids in the nursery room.. they are so cute..

me and baby tade.. :)


*my first cake*

present time..

ee xiang and me...

cute little justin..

big present!!!

Mummy!!! - Baby Tade and his mom.. Beth

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Chester Lee said...

wow! so cute la! the toys